Welcome to the Oregon State Ichthyology Collection!  

We support research and education about the diversity, biology and conservation of fishes on campus, online and across the globe. 

The Oregon State Ichthyology Collection (OSIC) contains nearly a quarter million preserved specimens of fishes, as well as associated genetic resources. It is a biodiversity library focused on documenting, understanding and protecting the fishes of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

The OSIC supports research on taxonomy, biogeography, genetics, evolution, conservation, anatomy and ecology, loans specimens to researchers inside and outside Oregon, engages students in classes on ichthyology and fish systematics, and hosts school groups for hands-on educational activities using an extensive teaching collection.

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Four decades after their capture more than a half-mile below the ocean’s surface, three snailfish species have received their scientific names, two of them from school children on Guam in the island’s native Chamorro language...

Photo of fish named after Dr. Sidlauskas

Dubbed Leporinus sidlauskasi, the silvery 4½-inch fish was found swimming in Brazil’s Teles Pires River, a remote tributary of the Amazon. The new species was described by two of Sidlauskas’ colleagues, Heraldo Britski and Jose...

People looking at a specimen

Decades-old fish stored at Oregon State University proved valuable in learning more about parasites that infect a family of fish that includes salmon and trout in the Pacific Northwest.

An Oregon State University research team used...