Search the Collection

The links below allow access to identifications, metadata, maps, tissues, and images associated with the more than 200,000 specimens in the OSIC.  

The Specify Webportal allows simple mapping of specimen records, display of specimen images, viewing of collection sites and download of metadata in .csv format.  The data on the portal were last updated on March 1, 2022. 

The search via FishNet2 allows download of records to .csv tables, Excel spreadsheets or Google Maps .kmz files, offers a powerful polygon-based geographical search, and provides the ability to search for specimens housed at our sister collections simultaneously with searches of our material (collection acronym = OS). It does not, however, provide access to specimen images. These data were last updated December 20, 2017, and we are currently working to refresh our representation on FishNet2. 

Both searches are based on static snapshots of the collection and may not include the most recent additions.  For information on recent accessions or to request loans, please contact the collection’s curators, Brian Sidlauskas, and Peter Konstantinidis,